Project Management Templates

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A template to document a brief of the project ..
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Project Initiation Document is used for documenting the essential rationales for initiation and implementation of a project. The Project Goals are identified and defined through it. For instance, it is identified that: Why the project is undertaken? Why..
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A template that will be useful in developing a Communications Plan for a project or IT initiative.   ..
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A template that will be useful in developing a Communications Plan for a project or IT initiative. The objectives of the communications strategy should support the objectives of the project as a whole, but they will be distinct from project objectives. They should foc..
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If you are using a solution development methodology (for example Six Sigma) in parallel with Projects in the Customer, you may use the template from your solution development methodology instead of this template. If your project comprises multiple streams / sub-proje..
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The Quality Management Plan is an integral part of any project plan.   The purpose of the Quality Management Plan is to describe how quality will be managed throughout the lifecycle of the project. It also includes the processes and procedures for ensuring qu..
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A use case is a methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify, and organize system requirements. The use case is made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a particular environment and related to a particular goal. I..
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The support plan is based on the support strategy developed during the  design stage and describes in detail how the solution will be supported. It also describes how and when support will be provided during user acceptance testing and the transition period and how t..
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 This document describes the testing strategy that will be implemented for the <business system> to ensure that it is consistent and compliant within Customer X’s Enterprise Architecture environment."     ..
Project Management Templates

From project initiation to benefits realization, you can find a template on the Consulting Cloud website.

A project management template is a useful tool that's used for a wide variety of projects and stages in the lifecycle. Consulting Cloud is dedicated to providing the most up to date and relevant templates that will support and document the results of the process.
Project Management Templates provided by Consulting Cloud allow for succinct and relevant information to be added into a template, where it is suitable and correct. The examples provide an effective outline, and spaces are left so the document can be tailored for the specific assignment.


These are some of the Project Management Templates you will find on the Consulting Cloud website: Project brief template - a template to document the brief of a project, Communication Plan templates - templates that ensure that there is effective communications about the project to the various stakeholder groups, Solution Development template - defines your solution development methodology, Quality Management template - describes how quality will be managed in the project , Use Case template - to assist wit testing, Project Support Plan template - describes how the solution will be supported , Test Plan template - a comprehensive plan to test your application, Implementation Plan template - defining the project deliverables, Scope Management Plan template - describes how the project scope will be managed, Project Status Reporting Templates - outling the project status including timeframe and cost, Project Organization Structure templates - how will the project be structured and resources required, Project Acquisition template - how will the project be managed and the level of documentation that will be maintained , Post Implementation Review template - documenting the review outcomes after the project has been implemented, Project Concept template , Project Definition template - describing the project . There are also documents related to Project Governance including a Guide to Project Management. This guide covers all aspects of Project Management including critical success factors. Here is an excerpt from the section covering the crtical success factors of a project.

There are usually five “critical rules” which apply to the management of Vendor managed projects and they all relate to “communication”. Equally these same rules can be applied to any project.

Critical Rule No. 1  - Maintain an effective relationship with the Client through ongoing, frequent and positive communication. Whilst in the most difficult situations you should be firm with the Client, it is essential to be sensitive to the Client environment and to maintain a balanced approach to Client related issues and politics. Involvement in the latter is to be avoided.  

Critical Rule No. 2 – Constantly talk to your project team. You should keep the project team informed of progress and provide opportunities for the team for two-way communication and for their issues to be listened to and dealt with.

Critical Rule No. 3 - Highlight problems and issues when they arise and escalate unresolved problems and issues to the appropriate people, e.g. the Client, Client Relationship Manager and/or PMO. Wave the red flag as soon as a major issue arises that puts either the project or your company's reputation at risk.

Critical Rule No. 4 - Ask for help. Most vendor organizations have the resources to assist with resolution of problems. Asking for help is not a signal of failure but a pro-active step to resolve a project, or commercial issue.

Critical Rule No. 5 – Always follow the project management principles and practice embodied in this document and implement appropriate quality processes, taking responsibility for the quality of deliverables and, where applicable, supporting any quality accreditation process. Respond positively to requests for information from senior management and the Project Management Office.

The guide also talks about the importance of Risk Management Plan. An effective Risk Management Plan describes the risks, the current assessment, the current likelihood that the risk will eventuate, the actions being taken to mitigate the risk and contingency plans if the risk becomes reality. Risk Management Plans should be reviewed, updated and distributed as part of the project’s standard reporting procedures. Review of the Risk Management Plan should be a standing agenda item in the main project meetings, especially project steering committee meetings and project meetings with the Client project manager.

The Consulting Cloud website also contains an overview of Prince 2 for the beginner.

Consulting Cloud is an organization that strongly believes that an online service, offering reusable consulting templates and samples, is a must in today's busy world. No longer should people have to spend lots of money on documents that can be provided online, and can be provided at a small cost. Consulting Cloud is taking advantage of the online world and is providing a website that is full of in-depth consulting material. Project management templates are a useful tool and can save a business a lot of time, money and stress when it comes to management. Simply search for the template that best suits your needs, and stage, in the project lifecycle. Select your choice, purchase online and the template is all yours. The examples on the website are easy to edit, personalise and then make your own.

Project management templates are available, and are a valuable guide for users to deliver in-depth analysis. Consulting Cloud will invariably save your business time, money and stress. Invest in an appropriate template that is suitable for your business, lifecycle stage and tailor it to fit.


Experts in the field of consulting, and focused on online consulting and templates, Consulting Cloud is a website that can be used over and over for different companies, in different industries, at different stages in the lifecycle. A project management template can be used, and can save a company, time, money and hassle. With the expertly developed project management examples on the website, it is easy to search for the appropriate template, purchase, and then tailor with the correct information. The templates can be reused over and over, and the money and time you and your company can save is well worth it. Business's have enough going on in the day to day, so let Consulting Cloud assist. The samples are clearly formatted, with headings and details on how and what to fill the blanks in with.