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Due Diligence

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A quite comprehensive IT Due Diligence questionnaire for the transition of IT functions. Over 300 questions. A key element to IT due diligence success, is taking every step possible to understand your company‚Äôs objectives in acquiring a new company before ..
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A Due Diligence questionnaire covering the financial aspects for a Managed or Shared services transition. 39 questions.   ..
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A Due Diligence questionnaire covering the Human Resources aspects for a Managed or Shared services transition. 16 questions.   ..
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A Due Diligence questionnaire covering the Service Management aspects for an Outsourced or Shared services transition. This questionairre covers areas such as Service Desk, Processes, Incident Management and roles and responsibilities. Over 170 questions.   ..
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A Due Diligence questionnaire covering the Technology aspects for a Managed or Shared services transition. Over 100 questions.   ..
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A straight list of topics that should be covered as part of Due Diligence for an Outsourced or Shared Services function. Around 300 topics.   ..
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A questionnaire that can be used to analyse an extisting customer engagement process when transitioning from one Outsourcing Services Vendor to another. It can also be used when transferring to a Shared Services function.   ..
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A useful Due Diligence questionnaire covering the Enterprise Architecture 23 questions.   ..
Due Diligence

At this Consulting Cloud website you will find a series of comprehensive IT Due Diligence questionnaires, questions and checklists covering human resources, financial and service management and technology aspects of a business. Read More....

Consulting Cloud is dedicated to providing templates, and constantly updated, new and improved documents to provide a service of online consulting. The range of IT Due Diligence questionnaires is vital in the process for potential mergers, potential acquisition of a business or if an IT Transition project is being undertaken.

This IT Due Diligence Transition could be to an outside organization such as an IT Outsourcing Vendor or Shared Services function. Consulting Cloud offers IT Due Diligence questionnaires covering different aspects of an IT function, such as the technology, financial or the management aspects. Any transition of IT services need to ensure the right steps and processes are taken, in order to avoid any future problems.

An individual or business may need consulting for different stages in a business's life. Not often can a company do it all, and often a consulting firm is very costly. Consulting Cloud offers onl;ine templates and online consulting (Micro Consulting) that can be used and reused for many times in a business's life, whether it is to reach certain objectives, or for implementing new processes and tools. The online service delivers a wide range of samples, templates, and presentation examples that can be tailored for specific circumstances. IT due diligence is extremely important and a checklist is designed to ensure the right questions are asked and answered, to save both parties from trouble and surprises later down the track. IT due diligence ensures IT Transitions cover all ICT aspects a business is involved with, in the day-to-day running of, pricing, upgrades and maintenance.

Determining the state of the IT assets within a particular organization, is a large part of IT due diligence, and vital in the preliminary analysis of a company. To avoid problems with a potential merger or in an acquisition it is important that the right consulting tools are used and the right steps are taken in the preliminary analysis stages. A checklist is an important tool, and a way to acquire the information you may need to have now, or in the future. Due diligence questions will depend on the company, the industry and the individuals. Consulting Cloud offers templates with questions focusing on ICT, human resources, customer engagement aspects, to name a few. Simply browse, if you aren't already a member sign up for free, and purchase a checklist that can be tailored to your situation.

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