Governance for IT

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This document provides a comprehensive outline of the Terms Of Reference for Enterprise Architecture in a Shared Services environment. The document could be equally useful for any comany looking a better Governance of their IT Enterprise Architecture. Exerpt: "Com..
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This document outlines a company's employee policy in regard to acceptable use of Information Technology within their organization. ..
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This document is a manual of procedures to govern IT Outsourcing Contract between a Vendor and Customer. It will be useful for either a customer or Vendor to define processes, roles and responsibilities etc. for the  Outsourced functions.   ..
Governance for IT

What is IT Governance? Gartner defines IT Governance as the processes that ensure the effective and efficient use of IT in enabling an organization to achieve its goals. Read More....

IT demand governance is the process by which organizations ensure the effective evaluation, selection, prioritization, and funding of competing IT investments; oversee their implementation; and extract (measurable) business benefits. IT demand governance is a business investment decision-making and oversight process, and it is a business management responsibility. IT supply-side governance is concerned with ensuring that the IT organization operates in an effective, efficient and compliant fashion, and it is primarily a CIO responsibility.

Consulting Cloud provides a comprehensive range of documents to assist organizations to establish an effective IT Governance framework.

Organizations that do not have effective IT Governance will suffer from low performance, potentially bad service, increased risk and in effective resource allocation.

There are usually 4 pillars to IT governance – Enterprise Architecture; Portfolio Management; Project Management; and Information Risk and Security. Consulting Cloud provides a host of documents across many categories to assist with the setup and delivery of these pillars.

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