Guide to Project Management for an IT Project

Guide to Project Management for an IT Project PJ0025 (24 pages) *** FREE ***

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The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of techniques and tips that can be adopted by Project Managers who are primarily tasked with managing a project on behalf of a Service Provider (vendor). The guide should also be useful for Project Managers in general. The document is not a traditional guide to project management processes and techniques. The document provides Project Managers with information that can be used during a project to help ensure successful project completion.

To many Project Managers some items may appear to be a statement of “the obvious” and a re-statement of project management basics. However in the midst of the pressures of managing a project it is often the simple basics that can provide the best means of leading to solutions and for developing strategies to move forward.      

Project Managers are often responsible for managing a wide variety of project types. The material in this guide applies to all projects. In particular, a project management framework is described in Appendix C which sets out the key tasks and deliverables for the initiation, planning, execution and closeout of a project.

Within this Guide there is often reference to a Project Management Office or PMO. Organizations vary in the way they establish PMOs and the functions the PMO performs. In this document the term PMO refers to an independent team (within the Vendor organization) which assists Project Managers and conducts reviews of deliverables. The term PMO may be substituted with the person or team which may perform a similar function.

The Guide also refers to a Client Relationship Manager. This term us used to represent the person within the Vendor organization responsible for the overall relationship with the Client i.e. Sales, Business Development etc.

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