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Disaster Recovery Plans

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A very good template to assist you to develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan. An example of contents of a Disaster Recovery Plan : 1.     Introduction......................................................................................................
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A fairly comprehensive IT Disaster Recovery Plan including roles and responsibilities and actions plans for during and following the disaster. This document outlines the steps to be taken to restore IT facilities in a controlled manner and in line with defined bu..
Disaster Recovery Plans

A Disaster Recovery Plan Template is used to help a business to reduce the disruption caused by unforseen situations that may be caused naturally, by accident, with machine failures or even by deliberate actions. The Disaster Recovery Plan Sample helps to guide a business in the right direction.

Consulting Cloud offers businesses a Disaster Recovery Plan Template, to help ease problems in a time of trouble. So whether the company is suffering due to accidents or deliberate action, a Consulting Cloud example will help to reduce the disturbance as much as possible.

Depending on whether a company is large or small, depending whether the company has been struck with issues relating to machine failures, natural disasters, deliberate actions or an accident, the Disaster Recovery Plan Template will vary. Consulting Cloud offers templates that can be used to help relieve issues relating to negative unforeseen circumstances. In a time of worry, hassle and trouble, purchasing a simply formatted document that clearly displays what and where you need to insert information and data, is very helpful. With Consulting Cloud you can save yourself extra time and money, by simply purchasing an appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan Template and filling in the blanks. These documents are designed to be tailored because one size would not fit all. The aim of the document is to reduce disorder in the company, as much as possible.

A sample of a Disaster Recovery Plan is valuable in a time of trouble for a company. It is a tool that is used to help minimise problems in the business. The template is used by following the guide, and inserting relevant information where applicable.

Consulting Cloud's IT Disaster Recovery Plan Template is a comprehensive example, that outlines steps needed to take in order to enable the restoration of a company, and any IT facilities that have gone wrong. The document includes role, responsibilities, and action plans that should be taken during and following on from any adversities. It helps to guide a business in a time of worry and trouble. Whether the disasters occurred from deliberate actions, accidents, machinery failure or even natural disasters, will impact on how you will utilise the sample templates. The recovery plan template helps to ease problems and carry on affects from disasters, and should be used as a way to help control these negative effects. The analysis section in the example should be used to discuss what happened in the lead up to this disaster.

Here are some guidelines when creating an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

IT priorities should match business priorities 100%. In a hypothetical scenario where the entire IT infrastructure is destroyed, who in the business needs to be up and running the soonest? Some might say that the payroll department needs to be the first to be made operational again. Others might say that their building security system is #1. It's important to list all major systems and create a review team to sort the list in order of priority.

Establish expectations during the recovery process with an SLA chart. Determine an appropriate ratio of downtime/cost of fail-over and backup protection is right for your organization. Then list those in a simple chart. For example, you might have a high downtime tolerate for an intranet site that lets people schedule the use of a meeting room. However, you might have zero to no downtime tolerance for a system that has to do with safety or securing sensitive areas. This simple SLA template establishes expected availability of systems during the recovery process.

Document requirements for insurance claims process. If safety is not an issue, this may be one of your first steps in the recovery process. If you have damaged equipment, you might need to initiate a claims process against your insurance policy so that you can start the process of obtaining replacement equipment as soon as possible.

Establish a restoration procedure. For a basic recovery plan, the restoration plan does not need to go into intricate details. Some things that are worth putting into the procedure though, are software license keys, warranty information, backup location, administrative passwords, and temporary sites. A printed copy of important passwords should be kept in an off-site safe that is accessible by key management staff. Consider placing it in a bank safety deposit box if appropriate for your situation.

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