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Outsourcing Templates

$US 5.00
A comprehensive process for the procurement of an Outsourcing Vendor. Includes an overview of the Due Diligence Process. ..
$US 10.00
An easy to use costing/pricing model (in Excel spreadsheet format) that can be used to cost or price services for either an Outsourcing vendor or a Shared Services organization.   ..
$US 10.00
The purpose of this document is to describe the objectives, key functions and structure within the Managed Services Unit of VENDOR X.    The document is structured so that the overall Managed Services objectives, structure and key functions are pre..
$US 0.00
A useful few slides on the structure of an Outsourcing or Shared Services organization   ..
$US 0.00
Presentation of a proposed structure of a Managed or Shared Services organisation and the potential benefits. In Powerpoint format.   ..
$US 45.00
A very comprehensive IT Outsourcing Contract template between a customer and Vendor. This contract is heavily weighted toward the customer. This document defines the services, skill level required to deliver the services, how contract variations will be undertaken, ti..
$US 1.00
A simple Agreement for outsourced Hosting Services.   ..
$US 2.00
This Outsourcing Contract covers both off-site and on-site Managed Services. It should be used by Vendors where there is a requirement for an on-site technical presence at the customer site.   ..
$US 25.00
This Agreement has been developed to outline the agreed framework, services and responsibilities of all parties involved in a Shared Services operation. If you are looking at setting up a Shared Services function within your organisation, this document might be very helpf..
$US 10.00
A example of a penalty regime for an Outsourced Services operation. This could be useful for either a csutomer or Vendor proposing or negotiating an Outsourced Service.   ..

When any organization is about to Outsource all or part of their IT, it is important that the Outsourcing Vendor selection process is run a in a robust manner. It is also important to negotiate a contract that is not heavily weighted toward the Vendor i.e. you do not want the majority of the risk placed back on the customer.

The Outsourcing sample documents and templates available on the Consulting Cloud website have actually been used by other organizations to define the contractual terms bewteen the parties. Read more about why orgaizations are Outsourcing by following the link below to our Blog.

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