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What is a Risk Management Process (Risk Management Plan) and when would you use it?

A Risk Management Process is a method by which risks to the project (e.g. to the scope, deliverables, timescales or resources) are formally identified, quantified and managed during the execution of the project. The process entails completing a number of actions to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of impact of each risk. A Risk Management Plan is one of the outputs from this process. A Risk Management PlanTemplate is one of the documents you would use. A Risk Management Plan template is used to ensure that every risk is formally:  Identified, Quantified, Monitored, Avoided, transferred or mitigated. Although the Risk Management Plan Process is undertaken during the execution phase of the project (i.e. the phase within which the deliverables are produced), project risks may be identified at any stage of the project lifecycle. In theory, any risk identified during the life of the project will need to be formally managed as part of the Risk Management Process. Without a formal Risk Management Process in place the objective of delivering a solution within time, cost and quality may be compromised. The Risk Management Process is terminated only when the Execution phase of the project is completed (i.e. just prior to Project Closure). A Risk Management Plan Template to assist with the development of a Risk Management Process for your project can be found at the Consulting Cloud website.



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