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A comprehensive IT Strategic Plan template, including business cases for identified projects. This is an ideal starting point for companies that are wishing to create a IT Strategic Plan for the next 3 years. Useful link CIO Magazine - IT Strategic Planning Do's and D..
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This is an excellent document to assist with the preparation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as part of an IT Strategic Plan for an Information Technology department, operation or function. If you are in the process of transforming your IT Department or you are ..

IT Strategic Plan Template overview

An IT Strategic Plan Template is the initial step for a business when performing IT tactical planning. Consulting Cloud is an online business consulting firm, which has examples and templates for businesses to use in different positive, negative and growth times throughout a business's lifecycle.

Consulting Cloud has a template of a document, a sample of an agreement and an example of presentation at the ready to assist and guide businesses. The products on offer are a way for a business to save money, time and stress by making online consulting simple and effective for a business. The IT Strategic Plan Templates that are available are the first stage to take in a business's planning of ICT, and will outline the IT Strategy for the company. It will also summarise the current ICT environment, and describe in different sections the existing situation, and the previous strategy that may have been used. "The IT Strategic Plan Template is very simple to follow and personalise with specific data, and information relating to your business. Consulting Cloud's templates are the perfect tool for almost any business" stated one valued Consulting Cloud member.

The comprehensive nature of Consulting Cloud's templates ensure no data is left behind. The IT Strategic Plan template is no exception. This is a thorough sample where great detail has gone into layout and headings, to ensure information is placed in the most appropriate section.

Consulting Cloud saw a space in the market where companies were being charged large amounts for consultancy work. Consulting Cloud thought what better way than to merge the consulting work with the online world, and create a website that offers businesses support and guidelines they need, throughout different stages in a company's lifecycle. Consulting Cloud offers high quality, detailed templates to guide individuals to add the correct information in the most appropriate place. An IT Strategic Plan Template from Consultancy Cloud offers individuals the perfect example and outline.

IT Strategic Plan Template contents

This IT Strategic Plan Template is a document specifying what to insert in the summary, background, vision, assessment, recommendations – to name a few of the categories. It's a useful tool for both experienced and inexperienced businesses that need that extra bit of advice, or that detailed step by step layout.

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