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Shared Services Templates

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This charter outlines a typical Shared Services organization's commitment to its customers and other stakeholders in providing the designated services. It would be very useful to any organization contemplating setting up a Shared Services function within their organizatio..
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This is a comprehensive template to assist organisations to develop a Service Agreement for a Shared Services function.   ..
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A Memorandum of Understanding for a Shared Services operation.     ..
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A Sample Service Catalog for an IT,  Outsourced or Shared Services organisation. The services catalog describes the services provided by Shared Services (SS)  to the Company X.  The aim of the catalog is to give greater visibility to the servi..
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A document outling high level Service Levels for an Outsourced or Shared Services organization.     ..
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This document analyses the current operations of a Shared Services enity to estimate what the costs to outsource the operation would be. It contains lots of good information about what elements should be analysed when conducting a pricing or costing review on an existing ..

If you are establishing a Shared Services function or are developing an existing Shared Services function then there are some useful documents available in this category.