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This document provides a comprehensive outline of the Terms Of Reference for Enterprise Architecture in a Shared Services environment. The document could be equally useful for any comany looking a better Governance of their IT Enterprise Architecture. Exerpt: "Com..
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This Customer Satisfaction Survey is intended for companies that have an internal Corporate IT department. This document will assist with gaining a better understanding of customer satisfaction across all levels of service that Corporate IT provide. The survey i..
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A fairly comprehensive template to assist businesses with the development and documentation of a Business Plan. How to create a Business Plan Clearly identify the readers of this document.  Then write the plan in a style that is easily understood by reade..
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List of technology architecture disciplines, phases and deliverables ..
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A template to document a brief of the project ..
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A sample business case for the deployment of Microsoft Windows 7 across an organization with around 3,500 users. This organization is currently using a Windows XP Operating System. The document contains analysis of the current environment as well as options and ..
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A comprehensive IT Strategic Plan template, including business cases for identified projects. This is an ideal starting point for companies that are wishing to create a IT Strategic Plan for the next 3 years. Useful link CIO Magazine - IT Strategic Planning Do's and D..
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This Business Case Template covers describing the proposed investment, the evaluation process undertaken, the consideration of options, financial analysis including budget impact, risk analysis, implementation plan, communications plan and post implementation review.. ..
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This is a Government Department Request for Proposal (RFP) document for the acqusition of services to develop an IT Governance Framework. It could be useful to anyone who is looking at going to market for services.   ..
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ITIL acronyms can be very confusing. Download this FREE list to help you decipher them. ..

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The IT Job Descriptions available cover management, technical and administrative positions for a typical Information Technology function. Consulting Cloud is dedicated to assisting IT operations to perform their functions more effectively and efficiently.

We have therefore made most of the IT Job Description Templates free of charge.

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