About Us

About Us

 Tom Smyth - Chairman and Managing Director


Consulting Cloud is a worldwide supplier of templates, sample documents and micro-consulting over the internet.

Consulting Cloud’s Directors have over 55 years of experience in the Information Technology industry.


This experience covers:

  • IT Consulting

  • IT and Business Management

  • Outsourcing and Managed Services

  • Shared Services

  • Project Management

  • Information Management

  • Senior Management


The Directors of the company screen and filter all templates to ensure high quality and value for money.


Mission description

For many years the Consulting industry has enjoyed the luxury of charging (in many cases) very high rates for material and deliverables that have been recycled from other similar client engagements and modified to meet the requirements of the new client. This allows Consulting organisations to continue to maximise margins using lower skilled resources to reuse (rather than create) materials that are required as deliverables and outputs as part of the project or engagement. Whilst reuse is not possible in all cases, there is a wealth of information that is common to many assignments. This reusable information is usually “closely guarded” by Consulting organisations and so it is very difficult to obtain anywhere else apart from freelance professionals.


Our organisation - Consulting Cloud believes strongly that there is a real need to provide an on-line service that delivers reusable templates, presentations, documents and tools to clients who do not wish to engage a Consulting firm to achieve a business objective or wish to reduce the costs of a Consulting engagement through the availability of key documents that can be tailored to your individual requirements.


The material found on the web site has been built up over many years of face-to-face Consulting by a select group of experienced freelance professionals.