Outsourcing Contract IT MC0001 (100 pages)

Outsourcing Contract Template IT MC0001 (100 pages)

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Product Code: MC0001
Price: $US 1.00
A very comprehensive IT Outsourcing Contract template between a customer and Vendor. This contract is heavily weighted toward the customer.

This document defines the services, skill level required to deliver the services, how contract variations will be undertaken, timeframe, asset title, warrantoes, liability etc.

It is an excellent document to be either used for comparison to a vendor contract or the basis for a customer generated contract.

An outsourcing contract is much like any other contract: it is putting in writing what the two companies agree will be done by each party, and usually how it will be paid for.  Typical contracts contain the following parts:

  • Scope of Work
  • Deliverables
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Service Level Agreement

The terms and conditions often will be the bulkiest part of the contract, because they cover so many things that may seldom or never occur, such as early termination. However, the part of the contract you will probably work with most often (and have the most trouble with) is the Scope of Work, because it describes what the outsourcer will do. This area can be a source of disagreement when the contract is in force due to differing interpretations of the text and also the fact both companies probably forgot to put some things in the contract and this could cost them money later.

Deliverables are specific things that will be put in place, delivered, and turned over to the client (such as documentation, completed equipment, working systems, etc). Often the dates (or time after signing of the contract) are specified.

The Service Level Agreement is used when the outsourcer will be providing an ongoing operation for the client, and may go all the way into details about the time to repair items, the response time of computer systems, and even the number of bytes to be transferred per month, for example.



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