Business Plan Template BP0001 (28 pages)

Business Plan Template BP0001 (28 pages)

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A fairly comprehensive template to assist businesses with the development and documentation of a Business Plan.

How to create a Business Plan

  • Clearly identify the readers of this document.  Then write the plan in a style that is easily understood by readers
  • Remember that the plan is a working document that has the clear purpose of initiating focussed action and generating clear and measurable results.  Avoid the excessive use of descriptive adjectives to 'pad' or over-sell the plan.  Flowery, highly descriptive language can cloud key issues, blur the plan's focus and slow/confuse its implementation
  • Keep the plan 'tight'; ensure it remains concise, balanced, clear and logical.  Where possible use quantitative rather than qualitative information.  Remember the KISSS approach to planning; keep it simple, short and specific.  Interlink all Sections, with the Market Analysis providing a clear focus for all subsequent sections.
  • Focus on facts and information from credible and reputable sources.  Where possible avoid critical dependencies on one source of information.  Build redundancy in to information sources.   Validate, validate, validate all key information used in the plan       
  • Always remember that faulty assumptions and faulty logic are some of the greatest hazards to business performance and business planning.  Also remember that a good plan implemented today will always beat an excellent plan implemented some time in the future.  So, get the plan completed and in to action as soon as is practicable.  Also, plans must be adaptive to changing circumstances.  If the plan is not performing be prepared to complete 'major surgery' on it.

Example of contents for a Business Plan:

1.         Strategic Focus

2.         The Business

3          Market Analysis

4          Products

5          Marketing

6          Research and Development

7          Production and Delivery

8          Supply Chains

9          Business Systems and Processes

10        Stakeholder Relationships and Alliances

11        Organizational and Management

12       Environmental and Social Impacts

13       Risk Factors and Regulatory Compliance

14       Corporate Governance

15       Financials

16       Application of Investment Funds

17       Strategic Action Plan

18       Plan Improvement


 Useful link An Introduction to Business Plans


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